About Us

The pre-school is a secure and happy environment offering a supportive setting where children feel valued and happy as they go about their activities.

All children are eager to learn and gain understanding of their world. The children are encouraged to work at their own pace to fulfil their own needs.

We are committed to helping children develop their self-confidence and appreciation 

of others. The children are encouraged to develop listening skills, where time is taken to listen to the children both in group settings and a one to one basis.

It is important that parents and the school work together in the interest of the child. We therefore encourage comments and suggestions from the parents and discussions with them.

At Right Start Montessori we take pride in challenging ourselves to move practice forward by enrolling for new initiatives . We have currently completed the Pre-School Learning Alliance Quality Assurance Scheme, Millie’s Mark and are now working towards Healthy Early Years London Bronze Award. We are members of the NDNA and Early Years Alliance.


Our aim is to create a happy, nurturing, learning environment where children are individually challenged to reach their true potential.  Where parents and carers are supported and their views are valued and respected.

Our Parent’s Vision

For the nursery to be: a diverse nurturing and inclusive environment that is safe indoors and outside. One whose core values consist in protecting wildlife and the living planet and promote sustainable living locally.