“My daughter used the nursery for two years and loved every minute. The staff are lovely and I felt that she was safe and cared for” 09/07/2019

“Right Start Montessori is simple amazing. All three of our children have attended. Right Start staff are wonderful, friendly and approachable, willing to listen to any concerns and help over come them. My eldest are in school now, they always talk about their time at Right Start with fondness letting me know how much they wish they could still attend. I am so glad I found Right Start” 10/07/2019

“I couldn’t be happier with Right Start Montessori. My daughter has flourished under their care, it is such a creative, supportive and safe place and the staff are exceptional” 11/07/2019

“Right Start Montessori provide a nurturing, safe and happy environment for children. I couldn’t be more happy” 11/07/2019

“Our children have absolutely loved their time at Right Start Montessori and as parents we couldn’t be happier with this nursery. It has wonderful caring staff who really get to know the children, making them feel loved and secure. My eldest son, who is now at school once said to me on a Saturday morning ‘it’s a shame it’s Saturday, I prefer being at nursery’. As a parent that was really reassuring to hear as it meant he was well looked after, happy and stimulated and that we had made the right choice. Right Start Montessori prepares our children for reception incredibly well. My son knew all his basic phonic sounds, giving him a head start. They also made sure he could do all the basic self-care that he would need at school” 14/07/2019

Excellent nursery, great staff, amazing setting, lovely experience for our little boy. “Early Learning at it’s best” 18/07/2019