Typical Day

Confidence and independence are at the heart of the Montessori curriculum.

On arrival children take off coats and shoes put their belongings away, wash hands, put slippers on in preparation for the start of the session. The morning begins with circle time. This is an opportunity to introduce topics and themes and to engage in discussion. Circle time is a very important aspect of the routine. At the start of the day children are at their best for learning and engage in an adult led activity where they are focused and eager to learn. It is also an opportunity to greet one another and make connections with friends.

Forest School and outdoor play feature highly in the daily routine and children spend time outdoors in all weathers. Our extensive outdoor area allows children to run, climb and explore nature at its best. Bikes, scooters and other ride on toys encourage physical activity. Mid morning snack is prepared usually with help from the children and is an opportunity to develop fine motor skills by chopping, spreading, juicing and slicing. It also encourages children to try a variety of new foods. Our outdoor play area offers children a variety of activities – sand, water, construction and mud kitchen.

The classroom is set out so that the children can self select activities working with what interests them. Children use open ended resources to encourage them to use their imagination, come up with their own ideas and problem solve. Resources are kept to a minimum to encourage sharing and cooperative play.